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The POINT OF AIM TRAINING ACADEMY LLC, (POATA) was founded to provide comprehensive and 

specialized training for the private security industry and to civilians seeking a fundamental understanding of firearms usage, safety and a knowledge base of the Self Defense laws of the state of Texas. We provide community mentoring for at risk youth, as well as young men and women etiquitte seminars. Over last year our operations have expanded to provide law enforcement courses of instruction internationally.

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Michael Demaris Jr. is the president and chief instructor of Point Of Aim Training Academy LLC, as well as the private security firm of Supreme Guardian Protective Services (SGPS) Inc., located in Houston,Texas, USA. Mr. Demaris has over 12yrs experience in the private security industry of Texas and he has attended two law enforcement academies

at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA. For the past 15yrs he taught firearm usage courses to citizens of Texas seeking

to obtain their Concealed Handgun License, as well as to have a firm foundation for personal safety for them and their families.                         His list of instructor certifications includes:

Texas Dept. Of Public Safety Concealed Handgun Instructor

N.R.A. Law Enforcement Handgun/Shotgun Instructor

N.R.A. Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor

N.R.A. Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor

Safariland Training Academy Firearms Instructor - Pistol

PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor

Safariland Oleoresin Capsicum Spray Instructor

Texas Private Security Level 3 Combined Instructor

Texas Private Security Personal Protection Instructor

Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor