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Texas Private Security 

???? Frequently Asked Questions ????

 1. Can I become a licensed security officer if I have a felony or a misdemeanor?   

     Ans: The Texas Private Security has a list of disqualifying charges that will prevent an individual from being                          licensed. The charges are outlined in the Administrative Rule sections [35.42],  [35.43], [35.45]

                  (Pages 8-11).

 2. Can I use a License To Carry Permit to perform security duties?  

     Ans:No.You must attend the proper licensing courses to acquire certification and then apply with a                                     licensed private security company.

 3. Do I have the same arrest powers and authority as a Peace/Police Officer or can I ride around with        red and blue emergency lights on my patrol vehicle?  

    Ans:No.Your authority is equivalent to that of a private citizen ONLY. You can be charged under the Texas                        Penal Code with a crime of Impersonating A Public Servant, PC 37.11. 

 4. Can I just put on a ball cap and T-Shirt with the words (SECURITY) and perform security duties if              someone asks me to?  

     Ans: No.Once again you must be a licensed security officer employed under a licensed security company. A                       security officer's uniform must bear the name of the board approved company logo, a name tag with your                 last name and the word security somewhere on the uniform.  [Administrative Rule 35.39]

 5. Can I continue to perform security duties with my company if my commission has expired? 

      Ans: No. You must renew all commission licenses in their proper renewal time to continue your duties.

 6. When off of work can I still carry my firearm as long as I have my Level 3 Commission card and

     my uniform in my car on a hanger? 

      Ans: No. Once you are off your post/duty you can only have your firearm on your person as long as                                      you are enroute to or from your work assignment.

 7. Does my security company have to register me under their license with the PSB within 15day of            accepting employment?

     Ans: Yes. Every security company MUST perform the proper Original Registration or Employee                                               Update necessary to cover you under their insurance and company register with the                                                       Private Security Bureau.​

​ 8. Do I need both a Non-Commission card and Commission card if I am working as a Commissioned          officer?  

     Ans:NO. You only need a Commission card. The Level 3 Commission card will suffice for both Non-Commission                and Commission.

 9. While I am on duty can I leave my post with my weapon still in holster and go acquire lunch?

     Ans:Technicallyyears ago it had been the rule that you could not carry that weapon at any other place                              besides the post you were assigned to but different opinions are still up at odds on this topic.

               Consult DPS PSB for this answer.

 10. If my Level 2 or Level 3 has expired for over two years do I have to take the course all over again.  

       Ans: YES. The PSB now mandates that everyone who lets there non-commission or commission                                             license lapse over a year without renewal must take the entire course again. 

 11. If I am arrested can I still work as a security officers?  

       Ans:No. While the charges are still actively pending or the indictment is still open your commission will be                        suspended until the disposition is completed.

​ 12. Can I work as a Commissioned Officer once a company has submitted my Original Registration              application but I don't have my commission card in my hand?

       Ans:No. You must wait til you have physical possession of your commission license to perform your                                   duties. 

 13. Can I carry OC Spray and/or Baton while performing duties solely as a Non-Commissioned Officer.        Ans: No. While working as a non-commissioned you are unarmed. 

 14. Can I perform duties of a security officer while wearing a uniform that says "COURTESY OFFICER"          on it at an apartment complex or any other establishment. 

       Ans: No.  You can be charged with the offense of Impersonating as Security Officer.

                [ Reference: OCC 1702.3875]

 15. Can I carry a bolt action rifle or semi automatic rifle while performing duties as a security officer?

       Ans:No, The PSB only allows a security officer to be qualified to carry a pistol (revolver or semi automatic)                         and/or a 12 ga. Shotgun.  Administrative Rules [35.258], [35.259], [35.260] (Pages. 34-35)

 16. Can I carry a Taser or Stun gun while working as a security officer?  

       Ans:The PSB only mandates the qualification of firearms and not the training or certification of                                              Less/Non-Lethal devices. As a Security Officer you and the company holding your commission                                        should make sure you are  certified in the use of that device and only they can authorize you                                          to carry any Less Lethal devices. 

 17. Can I carry more than one pistol at one time while performing duties as a security officer?                         Ans: ​Technically there is nothing in the Occupation Code 1702 or Administrative Rule 35 regulating this topic.                      In a common sense/practical thought about this topic you would need to make sure that you                                        could guard both firearms from being taken off of your person in a confrontation. You and your                                    company should be sure that you have qualified with both firearms and that you are proficient in your                       discharge of them. Never compromise you liability issues while trying to appear to be tough and ultra                         menacing. Remember one thing where ever you negligently discharge rounds from you firearm you own                   them and are responsible for them.  You could be charged with Reckless Injury of a Third Person.