We understand to that many people aren't comfortable with arming themselves with various forms of weaponry  to defend themselves or they might not have the physical capacity to take this steps.
The women of National Rifle Association has developed a wonderful Crime Prevention and Personal Protection seminar entitled: REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM. In this 4hr seminar you will learn how to minimize your risk of victimization, create a personalized safety plan and array of other personal safety strategies. This program is desigened to help you take a pro-active role in your own personal safety. This program does not center itself around firearms even though it is an NRA program but it focuses on the number one crime prevention role you can take, BE AWARE. We are proud to offer this seminar and look forward to seeing you and your community at this event.

Contact us via email for setting up this seminar in your community center, church, school or business or home. 

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